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        The size of a bangle as listed on our website is the measurement of the inside diameter of the bangle (ie inside edge to edge). If you have a bangle that fits you at home, measure the diameter (the inside of the bangle, from internal edge to internal edge) to see if our bangles are the right size for you. As a general guide, the following sizing applies for our bangles:

        Small: A small bangle is 6.4-6.5cm (internal diameter)
        Medium bangle; 6.6cm-6.7cm (internal diameter)
        Larger bangle is 6.8-7cm (internal diameter)


        Are all on Elastic are adjustable and therefore make great gifts as they are by nature, adjustable.


        Rings are measured with a ring gauge and in different countries are expressed in different units (Letters for Australia and numbers for USA). As a general guide a small ring is N 1/2 ( 7 in USA sizing), a medium ring is P 1/2 (8) and a large ring is R 1/2 (9).

        If you purchase a ring and it is almost the right size, but a little tight (or you want to wear it on a different/larger finger), you can take either some sandpaper or a sharp pair of scissor and gently scrape

        Adjustable Rings: Rings set on stainless steel (such as Dusk, Reverie, and Manhattan), feature an adjustable back and are therefore great as gifts, for those that are unsure of their ring size, or like to swap the placement of their rings on different fingers.



        45.7-51cm (princess style). This length is  best suited for crew and high necklines. Make sure the collar of your top is either higher than the necklace (so it hangs below it) or lower (so it clears the necklace).This length adds classic elegance to a work outfit, or is great for busy women on the go. The shorter the necklace the more the eye will be pulled to face/neck area. The majority of Polka Luka necklaces are around 51-55cm.

        66- 81cm (opera-length) Draws the eyes down to your chest and away from your neck. This is a good thing if your bosom is more attractive than your chin! When worn as a single strand, it is refined and perfect for high or crew necklines. 

        101.5cm (pearl rope): This elegant length can draw attention to your curves, causing the eye to sweep down your torso. These usually wrap or knot around the neck without a clasp.


        Further Necklace/ Style Guides Based on your body type...

        Petite (Under 162cm)
        Necklaces – Petite women best wear collar-length or longer necklaces. Styles with “V” shapes and ones that fall below the breast but above the waist elongate the figure.

        Bracelets – Bangles flatter petite women. Several narrow ones are more flattering than one wide one because they are more in proportion to the petite’s overall size.
        Earrings – Concentrate on styles that sweep upward, pulling the viewer’s eye up. Full-figured petites look especially well in sharp geometric shapes.

        Average (162-172cm)
        Necklaces – The average-height woman can wear necklaces of any length unless she is full-figured. In that case, you should avoid necklaces that rest on the breast line.
        Bracelets – Wide bracelets are more in proportion to the average-height woman than very narrow ones.Earrings – Earring choices are unlimited and should be considered in connection with face shape and, of course, hairstyles. Feel free to select exciting geometric shapes such as triangles, squares and ovals.

        Tall (Over 175cm)
        Necklaces – A range of long or short necklaces can suit.
        Bracelets – The tall woman has a wide range of bracelet choices as long as she stays away from too-delicate pieces. The full-figured tall woman should wear several thin bracelets together to give a more balanced feeling, or a couple of wide bracelets.
        Earrings – Long dangling earrings are especially flattering to tall women. Because there is plenty of space between the ear lobe and shoulder, you can wear any shape earrings except tiny buttons that look lost.

        Let us know if we can be of any help at any stage! xPL