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        All Polka Luka products are made by hand. Master pieces are made from clay or plasticine; moulds for all beads, bangles, and rings are then hand cast using this masters, and then taken out of the mold by hand, then beveled, polished, and, for necklaces, strung by hand. Your may therefore see some small individual variation in shape and sometimes colour in the pieces. 

        Sometimes you can see were the piece has been crafted by human hands in the sanding or where the colour is mixed.

        When working with resin, you can use a number of different techniques- primarily with the dyeing and the finishing stages. Polka Luka primarily use two different techniques: a Matt finish with transparent dye  or mix of dyes or a polished finish with an opaque dye. Pieces originally come out of the mold in matt condition, and are then buffed slightly to make them smooth. To make them polished requires extra hand polishing with fine grained sand paper. Generally Polka Luka employs a matt finish.

        RESIN CARE:
        Resin is a strong material, however, can be fragile against hard surfaces, such as concrete, slate, steel, and wood. Please be careful not to knock or drop your Polka Luka piece against these surfaces.

        Over time, the surface of your resin can appear dry (this occurs with all resin). When resin becomes dry, you will notice it becomes slightly white on the outside. This is simply a case of the air drying the resin out, and the pieces’ original sheen can be restored by rubbing a baby oil, a natural oil, or even a moisturizer such as Sorbolene, and then rubbing with dry cloth. Maintain sheen on a longer term basis by rubbing a few drops of oil every now and then.

        If your resin piece becomes dirty (which will occur primarily with the white resin pieces), simply wash with gumption or dishwash. Resin is sturdy and washing it with these materials will not effect it.



        Necklaces strung on Satin and wax cotton cord: The satin cord is hand dyed to ensure the colour is custom matched to the bead.

        Wire: Polka Luka uses “softflex” non-kink 49 strand stainless steel nylon coated jewellery wire. Polka Luka uses silver plated findings- crimps, crimp covers, and clasps. Necklaces strung on wire are always the most delicate. When not wearing necklaces, it is best to lay them flat, and never bend or ‘scrunch’ the necklace.

        Wire: Earrings: 90% of styles use sterling silver. Some will use stainless steel- each product page notes the materials used for hooks.

        Brooches: When not wearing your brooch, please handle carefully. Please do not leave your brooch in direct sunlight (so the glue does not deteriorate).

        Scarves: All scarves are handprinted and/or hand dyed using a batik resist. As they are all done by hand, design diff and imperfections may occur. These differences should be celebrated as testament to the handmade process. Scarves should be gently handwashed and dried in the shade.

        Homewares: Use a lukewarm handwash. Maintain these with a dab of baby oil (or cooking/olive oil if they will be
        used for eating). 

        Happy wearing and please contact us with any feedback or product suggestions!

        The Polka Luka Team