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    Introducing Life of Frida 2017-18... We are excited to introduce to you our new range Life of Frida 2017-18, a range which pays homage not only to Frida Kahlo and to South American artists, colour and way of life, but more generally to exuberant, creative and courageous woman worldwide.

    Polka Luka is an Australian 
    design label creating contemporary resin jewellery and homewares. Focusing on clean lines, organic form, and luminous colour- each item is entirely handmade- resulting in pieces with a unique patina in a range of gorgeous custom mixed colours. Taking design cues from fields as diverse as modernist art and architecture to travels across Asia, Polka Luka also imbues a distinctly Australian style- spirited, bold and vibrant.

    Polka Luka presents one major collection in August each year, and a smaller capsule in February. All Polka Luka jewellery pieces are designed by Alexandra in Australia with part of the production taking place in Bali, and partly in Australia. For the Bali side, we have no worked with the same small workshop and group of artisans for over ten years; we love our team and are proud of the relationships with have developed and the lives assisted.                                                                                                               

    alexandra freeman Creative Director Alexandra Freeman, has a background in art history, and cultural and language study. Over eight years of travel, cultural conservation and design work in areas across South West China, Tibet, and South East Asia combined to create the rich patchwork of experiences that lead to the creation of the Polka Luka Label in 2006.

    Alexandra’s travels and work across South East and East Asia have also illustrated the necessity of equitable and sustainable trade in improving people’s livelihoods and quality of life. These combined passions of colour, streamlined design, and ethical production are the core foundations of the Polka Luka approach. In addition to jewellery design, Alexandra's other loves are interior design as seen here, and, most of all, her new son, Asher.

    Polka Luka

    Director: Alexandra Freeman
    E: sales@polkaluka.com.au     M: +61 424757 756     ABN: 97171046060